- Standard Press - Affordable Compact Jewelry Presses

Our "Standard Press"
This Jewelry press uses a 6 ton jack

  We use the Standard Jewelry Press model in our studio every day.  Perfect for stamping and die cuts!

  Most jewelers overestimate the tonnage needed for most basic jewelry techniques.  We have used our press on a daily basis for years and  commonly form  20-24 gauge and stamp 16 and 18 gauge metals.  We use mostly copper and aluminum but we stamp silver as well. This press cuts all soft metals (copper, brass, aluminum, silver) as well as wood and plastics.

We  engineered this 6-ton Jewelry press with several parameters in mind:

  • The press had to be strong enough for daily professional use.
  • 1 inch upper platen and lower platens resist flexing and distortion under the most extreme use.
  • Capable of blanking and embossing.
  • Affordable enough for students
  • Portable enough to be used as a second "traveling" press, only 33lbs.
  • 6 inches between plates
  • Steel Plates are 4.5" x 4.75" .  This is your available working surface.
  • $40. shipping
  • custom colors available - E-mail to make requests
  • Bench mounted
  • Works with many other accessories
  • Ships in one box, FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to use. USA ONLY

  Both the 6 ton and the 20 ton model presses we sell use "off the shelf" jacks purchased new.  Our presses are strong and usually outlast the jacks. We designed the Jewelry Press so when your jack eventually looses pressure you can purchase a new jack locally, place the new jack in our press and continue working. 
  We are now offering the Jewelry Press with the Jack, or shipped without a jack.  You can pick up one  at your local hardware store and save some extra money.  It can be a little tricky to lower it with the springs under tension, but we are offering this because we have been receiving requests for it.  We ship these empty presses with the top-plate raised and strapped so you can just insert your new jack, Jack it up into the top-plate to release the tension in the straps and then release the shipping straps and you are ready to go. 
  "Will the 6 ton will not be strong enough for my needs?"  This is a common question.   Remember If you purchase the 6 ton and end up forming allot of heavy 16 gauge metals, the only thing that will happen is the jack will fatigue faster, and then you can just replace it.
  This STANDARD 6 ton PRESS press offers Power and Versatility at an affordable price, and easy to move from workshop to workshop.

 Due to requests, we now offer this press with or without the jack.

 We always ship First Class:  US / Domestic shipping only
Made to order:
SHIPS WITHIN 3 weeks!!
only $295. (without the jack)
$345. with the jack

6 Ton Jewelry Press - no jack
Price: $295.00
6 Ton Jewelry Press with jack
Price: $345.00
This is the look of the press we are now shipping. It,s just like the older model but it no longer has the vinyl "slides". We found the design worked better without them. This is how it arrives if you order it without a jack. All 4 corners of the frame are reinforced with heavy gauge steel which prevents the frame from warping. The lower platen is self-leveling for consistently even pressure. Pre-drilled, welded feet allow you to bolt it directly to a work station.
Strong springs pull the platen down after you release the pressure on the jack
Strong springs pull the platen down after you release the pressure on the jack
The press will be painted the same color of the jack we purchase unless you request a special color.
6 Ton Jewelry press
6 Ton Jewelry press
Steel platens are hard and smooth durable steel. Working space between platens is 6 inches. If you use accessories, this space should accommodate most accessories designed for small presses. Check the dimensions needed for your intended accessory and if this does not have the height - let us know and we can adjust the design to your needs. This design will accommodate a 3" deep-draw kit.
Press weight: 33 lbs.
Press weight: 33 lbs.
This is a very mobile design!
 : Steel platens are 4.5" x 4.5"   All 3 steel platens are 1" thick to prevent any warping
Steel platens are 4.5" x 4.5" All 3 steel platens are 1" thick to prevent any warping
The press frame (19"H x 5.5"W x 4.5"D x )
The press frame (19"H x 5.5"W x 4.5"D x )
(older model press shown for scale)